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I like the program and the body routines. They’re a little tough mainly because I’m working muscles that NEED!!  ~Eileen

Hi my sweet friend ~ I love the prayer, I love the workouts/stretching ~ I feel it creates a great foundation ~ I love the recipes ~ I love hearing the birds & Italy scenery ~ nothing comes to mind that I don’t like  ~Tamie

I have loved this group. So much good information. And the devotionals are awesome.  I really like that the workouts are posted and you can do them when it works in your daily schedule... also that the workouts are doable - that matters a lot to me. ~Cindy

You have a great combination going, a bit of everything. Movement, devotional time, self-reflection and tips.  I’ve enjoyed it all. ~Cindy

Yes !! 3 months of devotionals !! I can’t wait to get my books !! ~Karen

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I want to do the $40 Monthly!!!

I do love the recipes, the devotionals, the Q & A. You are both doing great with the group! Keep it up! ~Michelle

I love your spiritual direction- I find you very calming I need that in my life more than anything right now ~Joye

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YES I WANT 3 Months for $100 and A FREE GIFT!!!!

Jeanna Bumpas

(832) 527-8402


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