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Have you ever been in a position where you simply wanted to FEEL better? It appeared that no matter what you attempted to do, you just didn’t have the energy or the tenacity to get it done. I know exactly where you are, because I was once in that same place. My journey to health and wellness began with needing a burst of energy. I was mentally, physically and emotionally stressed and drained. I was working 60 plus hours per week on top of volunteering for Project Graduation, FFA and Cheer Booster Clubs. I was on overload, but I kept pushing with very little push. I just knew that it would be impossible to add one more thing to my already hectic schedule. My husband and I were introduced to a solution and at the rate we were going desperation had set in and we needed a boost by any means necessary. After just three days of my healthy lifestyle I was no longer hitting the snooze button ten times to get up for work.

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To my surprise my husband was FINALLY taking down the Christmas lights in July because he had regained his stamina & energy. As we continued towards a healthier version of ourselves I knew we had to share and coach others with the knowledge we received. This has become my passion and I am determined to see others healthy and whole. Which is why I adopted the slogan 1 Body…1 Life….1 Decision! The slogan says it all because we are only given one body, to live one life in and to live long and prosperous it requires making healthy & clean decisions.

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