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"Forever Chemicals" In Your Water?

The EPA knows about it ... and so do your elected officials …

Your water is tainted with “forever chemicals.” Estimates show that upwards of 110 million people have been exposed. But the EWG, the Environmental Working Group, says that number is grossly understated. They believe there are millions MORE suffering in silence.

These “forever chemicals,” also called PFAs, have been linked to cancer, liver damage, low birth weight, and other health issues.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 95% of people nationwide have some level of PFAS in their bloodstream. The EPA has known since 2001 that PFAs were a growing concern … but did nothing to stop the problem.

…they didn’t even report the presence of PFAs in drinking water in numerous states and testing sites. Thousands of different types of chemicals fall in the PFAs category.

But the news for you gets worse:

The biggest question right now is if there is a treatment for PFA exposure—and PFAs are eliminated from your body over time. The only thing you can do, and this is from Dr. Osterhout, a physician from Vitality Healthcare, is to eliminate PFAs products from your home. He also believes that using a combination of methods, including binders and chelators (things like activated charcoal, methylated B vitamins, and algae) may help eradicate these chemicals from your body. In fact, he is currently using chelators and natural methods in his own practice to slowly rid his patients’ bodies of PFAs. Even though it may take a long time—months even—it’s important that you use chelators to eliminate toxins that could be posing a risk for your body.

Dr. Osterhout also stated: “Generically speaking, I just say it’s just like exercise – detoxification-everyone needs to do it.” That’s where Ultra Cleanse comes in handy. This formula, full of natural chelators, gets straight to the root of the problem and works inside your body to reduce the toxic residue that's bogging you down.

This could return your body to a state of balance, reduce toxins and PFA exposure, and give your liver the lift it needs. And you can do so in a matter of seconds each day.

Don’t let PFAs destroy your health—get your supply of Ultra Cleanse today, and give your body a fighting chance at detoxification:

Your Health Is Your Wealth!

Jeanna Bumpas - Your Health & Wellness Coach

published with permission from my partner Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS of Jaylab Pro

PS—one more thing…

We have an exciting announcement about Ultra Cleanse. Not only are you going to get chelators and natural ingredients to get rid of dangerous toxins, you’re also going to get a BRAND-NEW lower price on Ultra Cleanse.

How low? Let’s just say it’s about $15 less than the price you saw last week. Heck, it’s even lower than the price you saw two days ago. It’s going to blow. You. Away.


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