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It's Heart Health Month, Black History Month, and Now We Have President's Day

With so many things going on this week let’s get right into a weekly recap with resources I've gained from my Registered Dietician & Business Parter Jayson Hunter. Let's get your week started off right:

1. Top Recipe of the Week

Since it’s heart health month, I would like to give you a recipe that is packed full of antioxidants that could help lower cholesterol and boost your heart health. And it contains my favorite berry—strawberries. Here’s this week’s top recipe:

2. Top Content of the Week

Well, our top content of the week deals with heart health. This article really dives in and discusses heart disease and how you can prevent a heart attack from occurring. It even contains a quiz to see how old your heart really is (compared to your age).

3 Top Review of the Week

Janice from Texas says this about our Omega Icon Krill Oil: “Keeps my cholesterol in check.”

4. Top Deal of the Week

This week’s deal is on Advanced Joint Support, our wickedly powerful joint support formula. Backed by TWO of the most powerful joint healing nutrients, this formula packs a powerful punch for joint health.

Some people see results in as a little as 3 days. What makes this deal so special? Well this is one of the products that we have discounted steeply. If you’re suffering from stiff, achy, or painful joints, then this is a deal you don’t want to miss.

I hope you have a blessed day!!! Remember #YourHealthIsYourWealth


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