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The Truth Is Out There

Let’s talk about Probiotics. This scientific scenario of bacteria living in your body and controlling your life--seems like something straight outta the X-Files. Am I right?

But the truth is: These tiny bacteria—living in your gut—control so much about your life, that you can’t deny their existence, let alone their impact on things like digestion, immunity, memory, and concentration.

And this is exactly why you should strengthen your gut health and keep those little critters (from another planet) happy and healthy. But, what happens when you change your diet? Plenty of good (and bad) things can happen. If you choose the right diet, you can almost see a dramatic increase in good, beneficial bacteria. Just look at the Mediterranean diet.

A brand-spanking new study has proven that this diet—above all others—may improve your gut “microbiome”--leading to better cognition, stronger bo

nes, and a kick-butt immune system. A diet filled with sugar and processed foods has been linked to higher levels of BAD bacteria, which make yo

u sick, increase inflammation, and could ruin your health.

So which diet would you go with? …115 percent in on the Mediterranean diet. But here’s something you can probably relate with - You may not want to jump right into a new diet—with your head and feet. Am I right? That’s why I say to take small steps—steps that are more manageable for you.

The first step would be to start taking your Probiotics each morning. You can DM me for a list of my favorites. The other step would be to start drinking a Probiotic-Rich Milk each day.

And, like Carpenter said to Scully: “IT would have to be, by definition... extraterrestrial.” But these bacteria aren’t extraterrestrial—they are grown right inside of you—and mean more to you than meets the eye.

My Registered Dietician, Jayson Hunter, who helps provide relevant information as above and myself know that #YourHealthIsYourWealth and we are looking out for you!


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