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I am Coach Jeanna and I am ready to help you fight for a better tomorrow by providing you the tools & resources to LOOK, FEEL, & PERFORM your best!


Health & Wellness Assessment

You cannot conquer what you are not willing to face. Seek your authentic truth by answering the following questions:

  1. Are you battling with stress?

  2. Are you overwhelmed?

  3. Do you need to  resolve personal or professional issues?

  4. Do you have balance in your life?

  5. Are you raising happy, healthy, and balanced kids?

  6. How is your health?

  7. Do you prepare healthy meals?

  8. Is your relationship with yourself healthy? Your relationship's with other?

  9. Do you need to be motivated and empowered?


If you answered these questions truthfully and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you need a push in the right direction. This is your opportunity to choose YOU and to receive the motivation and empowerment that you need in order to become your authentic successful self.

Coach Jeanna

Jeanna Bumpas

(832) 527-8402


Coach Jeanna empowers others to make lifestyle changes, not just a weight lost changes.

As a health and wellness coach, Jeanna brings awareness to positive health choices. She will assist you in identifying specific health-related issues that need to be addressed. She will help you set goals and develop a plan to reach those goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments. Jeanna has developed a variety of tools to motivate and support clients as they modify their current behaviors and begin to make healthier choices. Not only is Coach Jeanna helping to change clients health, she is also impacting others in the areas of wealth with share the love discounts, income opportunities, and more.

Our signature coaching program will provide the following:

  • We will help you build confidence.

  • We will help you become healthy.

  • We will help you improve your family life and other relationships.

  • We will help you learn to love yourself.

  • We will help you set clear boundaries.

  • We will help you get motivated and work towards achieving your goals.

Coaching Sessions Include

  • Creating Mindset & Habits for Powerful Results

  • Fueling Your Body

  • Supercharged Goal Setting

  • Why It's Not Just About Food & Exercise

  • Stress Management & Self Care

  • And More!

Need a Coach? Contact Jeanna to Schedule your FREE Coaching Call by completing the information below

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Troy Hitt

As an entrepreneur myself I realize it takes a special breed to motivate yourself everyday and strive for success. Jeanna takes that to another level and not only motivates herself but she has a gift to supercharge everyone she is around. Some might say she has "Got that Spark!" It's been great to share business and personal goals with Jeanna. She not only offers sound advice but is also very coachable. Thank you Jeanna and I wish you much SUCCE$$!

Stephanie Huffman
Marketing Specialist

I met Jeanna at BNI and since that day, she has become such an inspiration to me. She immediately set out to help me in any way she could. Throughout our friendship, I have watched her motivate countless individuals. I quickly realized that for her it's not about the money but the relationship. She is interested in helping people reach their potential. Jeanna never hesitates to meet with me and educate/uplift me. She is my go to for business, or health advise. I know that God puts people in our path and I am thankful that Jeanna is one of those persons. Thanks for being you, Jeanna!

Tracie Mieth

Jeanna was instrumental with helping me connect with others inside of our BNI group and giving advice on ways to grow my business, challenge myself with speaking engagements and even providing a candidate when I was looking for new employees. More than anything she has become a friend and ally in our mutual pursuits of bettering ourselves and working toward the goals we set out to accomplish.

Jeanna has been a great resource and mentor and I look forward to being able to take a few of things she's passed on to me with others as I grow and get the chance to help others.


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