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Are you living your best life? Do you have any clue as to what your best life should look like? For many the answer to these questions would be NO. It is normal to fall into the dysfunctional cycle of living a mediocre life. In The Right to Life, Author Jeanna Bumpas paints a vivid picture of a dysfunctional past that is transitioned by applying kingdom principles that produced spiritual abundance. If you have envisioned living your best life and are lacking the necessary tools to obtain it, The Right to Life is a must read. 

I (Jesus) came that YOU may have and enjoy LIFE,

and have it in ABUNDANCE (to the full, till it overflows).

John 10:10b (AMP)

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Unlock the Power of Connections with "Viral Networking For Drastic Results"

Networking is one of those things that entrepreneurs love or hate. However, if you want to grow your service-based business, networking is absolutely the best way to create connections that lead to contracts. The contributors to this book book are all successful networkers that have grown their business through building relationships and learning how to turn contacts to contracts. This book will answer such questions as:

  • How to maximize virtual networking?

  • What's the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make when networking>

  • What is their best strategy for following up?

  • How to use networking to take your business viral?

  • And many more...

Toni Harris Taylor is an international speaker, business coach, 8x author, and the award-winning franchise owner of Network in Action Global Partners. NIA Global Partners is an international community of business owners who come together to mastermind to grow their business, bring each other warm referrals and be a supportive community for one another. Toni lives by the mantra of being DRASTIC and is known as The Coach that Connects!

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